dale_tony_educationRepresentative Tony Dale Results-Oriented Common Sense

Tony Dale wants results, not rhetoric. He challenges the status quo on education, working to create more accountability and transparency to help the next generation achieve their dreams. That’s why Tony Dale:

  • Passed a bill to reduce the number of standardized tests our kids are required to take to graduate so teachers can spend more time teaching lessons and less time teaching to the test.
  • Maintained his commitment to Texas schoolchildren by passing a bill that added over $1 billion to public education funding while strengthening accountability for how our school tax dollars are spent.
  • Supported legislation that provides educational technical training opportunities for those students who do not wish to attend college, but want to enter the workforce after graduation.
  • Will fight to pass a bill that will strengthen reporting requirements and levy harsh penalties on schools and individuals that hide or cover up improper relationships between teachers and minor students.