Following each legislative session Rice University Professor Mark Jones calculates the Liberal-Conservative ranking of the Texas House and Senate. His chart is a comparative ranking of where lawmakers fall on the ideological scale relative to one another. He uses the same method that is used to analyze roll-call votes cast by Members of the U.S. Congress. His 2017 ranking compared 1,460 non-lopsided roll-call votes taken during the session.

On the 2017 ranking I am tied for as the 23rd most conservative member of the 98-member strong Republican Caucus. As a life-long conservative Republican I strive not to vote in some rote way that produces a particular score on someone scorecard, but rather to always keep the needs and desires of my constituents first. I always stay true to core conservative principles of liberty, free market principles, reasonable and limited regulations, low taxation, and limited government.

Even though I earned this credential recently my journey in the Republican Party started in 1986 when Ronald Reagan was president.  In addition to my history of civic and elected service in Williamson County I’ve served as a College Republican President, College Republican State Co-Chair, intern at a state Republican Party for four years and served as a Republican Precinct Chair in WilCo for nine years.  I’ve honored to have attended the 1988 Republican National Convention as a volunteer and 20 years later I became an elected Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention.  Today I serve on the board of the Texas Conservative Coalition working with my House colleagues to formulate and pass conservative legislation.  My commitment to conservative principles and action runs deep.

Serving in the legislature is a serious responsibility that approach thoughtfully and humbly. As your state representative I thank you for your continued support and prayers as together we work to keep Texas a shining example for the rest of the nation.