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Last session I authored legislation to tackle the issue of inappropriate student/teacher relationships. Our schools need to be safe areas where kids can learn and adults do not prey on children. We were successful in strengthening the law as it relates to preventing teachers from being passed from school district to school district, but the bill did not address unlicensed people who work in these educational environments. I filed HB 1799 to address this issue, but it did not pass. I plan on working on similar legislation in the next session. Here is a KXAN story about why we need to address this area of concern.

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When the federal government fails to protect the border, Texans will stand up.


That’s why we must keep our local elected leaders who are fighting for border security.


Tony Dale has made border security a top priority while serving Williamson County in the Texas House.


Tony Dale fought to reduce illegal immigration by passing legislation that requires state agencies and public universities to use E-Verify, which prevents illegal immigrants from obtaining jobs in Texas.


Tony Dale has supported over $1 billion in funding for border security to ensure Texas law enforcement has the resources needed to purchase high-tech surveillance aircraft, interceptor patrol boats and to put more boots on the ground so law enforcement can fight the flow of drugs, human trafficking and transnational gang violence into our communities.


Tony Dale – a local leader standing up for Williamson County.


Important Election Dates

Early Voting October 24 – November 4

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th



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9/11/2001. I Remember. I remember not believing my eyes. I remember the internet locked up on a nation starved for information. Rumors. Misinformation. Confusion. I remember the people jumping from the towers. Sadly, I suspect I’ll never forget that, but I wish I could. The dust wave. The zombie-like shocked victims wandering New York. The emergency location alarms of injured and dead firefighters breaking a post collapse silence. I remember being 800 miles away from Mary and Maggie, stuck in a distant city with silent skies overhead for days. I remember being angry and wanting revenge. Crying. Praying. I remember thinking of my friends still in the military that would face an uncertain and dangerous future. I remember driving home those 800 miles with work colleagues since no planes were flying. I remember getting home and hugging Mary for a very long time. I remember the fires at Ground Zero were still burning in December of 2001.

Today please join Mary and I remembering and praying for the victims and their families.

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This Veterans Day I urge to to not only thank a veteran for their service, but also to reflect upon the sacrifice of their service.  To all veterans, I thank you for your dedication to our country.

The oath of office I took as an enlisted soldier and later as a commissioned officer is still very important to me.  Just like my wife, my father, my grandfathers and my great grandfathers I swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. As a 5th generation military veteran I’m still on watch to defend the Constitution.

Please watch this video that is my personal reflection about Veterans Day.

vet video still

This is my story, but I want to hear your story.  Please visit my Facebook page and post pictures of your veterans and share your stories. If you are a veteran I  urge you to post your photo there.

Share your pictures and stories at:  Texans For Tony Dale  facebook texans for tony dale_edited-1

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LaborDay2015On this Labor Day we reflect upon the dignity and value of hard work. No matter the nature of the work one does, today we set time aside to honor the American worker who helps build this great country.

I believe that here in Texas we are obligated to do things to create an environment that is favorable to employment and to make it easier for those who seek jobs to actually find one. Through conservative, free-market approaches, Texas continues to lead the nation in these opportunities. Looking at the last session and ahead to the next one, Texas workers benefit from:

-Keeping taxes low so that you can keep more of the fruits of your labor.

-Reducing regulatory burdens so that Texas workers can thrive.

-Eliminating unnecessary occupational licenses that can act as barriers to employment.

-Fostering a civil justice system that is predictable and fair so that business can focus on paying employees, not frivolous lawsuits and jackpot justice.

-Ensuring that our school system prepares young Texans for a job, a trade school, college or the military.

-Protecting American job by implementing common sense policies like E-Verify to make sure that only workers with a legal status are employed in Texas.

I agree with President Ronald Reagan who said, “I believe the best social program is a job”. In Texas we can make this vision a reality by unleashing our workers and entrepreneurs to continue to lead the country. Happy Labor Day.


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2015 town hallPlease join State Representative Tony Dale for a post-session legislative update and town hall meeting.  Rep. Dale will hold three town hall meetings throughout southwestern Williamson County.

August 4, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm – Leander City Council Chambers, Pat Bryson Municipal Hall, 201 N. Brushy Street, LeanderTX

August 5, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm – Cedar Park City Council Chambers, Building 4, 450 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park, TX

August 18, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm – Brushy Creek Community Center, 16318 Great Oaks Dr, Round Rock, TX

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tcc 2015


For the second session in a row, the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) awarded State Representative Tony Dale the title of “Courageous Conservative”. The TCC is a legislator-driven organization committed to advance, support, and vote for legislation to:

  • Secure the Border
  • Improve Public Education
  • Reform and Reduce Taxes
  • Advance Fiscal Responsibility
  • Advance Economic Freedom

After compiling a comprehensive list of over 200 floor votes for the 84th Legislature the Texas Conservative Coalition honored only 39 of the 150 House members with its top award.

“It is a great honor to once again be named a Courageous Conservative by the Texas Conservative Coalition,” said Rep. Dale. “Along with my colleagues I’ve worked diligently to apply conservative governing principles to advance the cause of limited government. Our efforts to balance the budget within our constitutional spending limits, provide tax relief, enhance border security, address road building and fund education prove that conservative ideas work.”

State Representative Tony Dale is a member of the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, the House Energy Resources Committee and the Local and Consent Committee. He is Chairman of the House Energy Caucus. He represents southwestern Williamson County, Cedar Park, Leander, Brushy Creek, and parts of Austin and Round Rock.

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IMG_1918_2With just 9 days left in session I still have 11 bills that I’ve either authored or joint authored that are still alive. So far eight others bills that I’ve authored or joint authored have been sent to the Governor for his signature.

Bills sent to the Governor include:

HB 115 – Texas Purple Hearts for Fort Hood terror attack victims of 2009

HB 184 – to ensure the costs related to a court of inquiry are billed to the governmental body being investigated

SB 344 – Prohibiting online solicitation of a minor

HB 505 – removing any limits on how many dual credit courses high school students may take

HB 1187 – Naming part a of a highway in Midlothian in honor of Chris Kyle​

HB 1293 – Keeping the names of stalking victims confidential in certain court cases.

HB 2604 – reducing red tape for law enforcement officers who apply for concealed handgun licenses.

The 11 bills that are still alive are:

HB 114 – to restrict the use of Capital Appreciation Bonds by school districts

SB 374 – to require the use of E-Verify for state agencies and public universities

HB 939 – allowing homeowners in HOAs to install automatic standby electric generators

HB 1123 – to increase the penalties for possessing and distributing child pornography

HB 1446 – to prevent surprise medical expenses for victims of sexual assault

HB 1447 – to allow victims of sexual assault to obtain a one year protective order at time of conviction of the criminal instead of waiting until that person gets out of jail and is more difficult to locate

HB 1783 – to require school employees who witness crimes to report them to police and to prevent schools from adopting policies that prevent reporting crimes to police. The bill also prohibits anyone from coercing a school employee to not report a crime against a student.

HB 1793 – to make certain reports related to missing and exploited children

HB 2596 – to ensure clerks enter protective orders into the computer systems within 24 hours of it being served so that police can enforce the order.

HB 3128 – to ensure constables serve protective orders within 48 hours of when the judge issues the order (today there is no deadline)

HB 4030 – to require completed background checks to be returned clean prior to allowing alarm installers and private security workers to begin work.

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Click here to read Rep. Dale’s letter regarding education funding:  Rep. Dale Letter on Education Funding

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priorities (2)Yesterday the Texas House took up the Texas state budget. We began debating the bill at noon on Tuesday and finished at 5:39 a.m. on Wednesday. After debating over 350 amendments the bill passed 141 to 5. Under the Texas Constitution it is the only bill the legislature is required to pass.

The proposed two-year House budget is a total of $209.8B. That is a slight increase over the prior budget of 3.8%. The state portion of general revenue is $104.6B, which is an increase of 9.9% over the prior budget. The budget bill, HB1, is $2B below the Constitutional spending limit and is $8.4B under the “pay as you go” spending limit. This allows the House to plan for upcoming bills that will give tax relief to Texans. The rainy day fund is expected to be $11B at end of session and the budget does not take any money out of that fund. Border Security is currently funded at $565M.

HB1 makes great strides in addressing the adequacy and equity in public education funding. Primary education remains the number one state budget priority funded at $55.4B. The budget fully funds enrollment growth, which is critically important to school districts like Leander ISD and Round Rock ISD. The budget includes an increase of $2.2B over the state’s obligation to fund education. We also allocated money to the Teacher Retirement System health care program to cover a funding shortfall. Furthermore we adopted a contingency appropriation of $800M for possible additional funding of our schools. The Texas House is looking at reforming the funding formulas to schools and if that reform bill passes we’ve set aside $800M to fund that effort.

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